About Us

Ortho+rest began as a manufacturer of high quality, high comfort shoes more than 20 years ago. As we grew our business and developed a more sophisticated understanding of our consumers needs, we came to realize that a vast segment of the population was suffering from foot ailments and the pain those ailments bring. With our craftsmanship, expertise, and understanding of the human foot and mobility, we undertook to make something especially for these consumers. Since then, we have added an entire team of orthopedists and biomechanical engineers to create shoes and slippers that designed to meet the unique needs of those with both acute and chronic conditions of the foot. Everything about our products is made to maximize our users’ comfort and optimize their quality of life with shoes that offer zero points of pressure, that distribute and support weight in a way that delivers maximum strength and stability, and that gives wearers the comfort, ease of mobility, and the lifestyle that they long for.
If you or someone you love is suffering from foot pain, we are here to help.